Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color

The color of your hair depends on the pigment cells that are located at the base of each hair follicle. With age, these pigment cells die and their efficiency reduces. When the body stops producing pigments, hair starts becoming colorless, turning white. However, you can prevent gray hair by nourishing your scalp and protecting the […]

10 Herbs that Help Fight Hair Loss

Many of us suffer from hair loss, which can make a person feel self-conscious about their appearance and can even damage their self-esteem and self-confidence. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the most common cause of hair loss is a medical condition called hereditary hair loss. About 80 million men and women in the […]

6 Simple Steps To Wash Your Hair

Most people with long hair think that they know all the hair washing techniques. After coming out from the bathroom, some women feel that they have given their hair a good treat. But it is surprising that after days of washing their hair, it still breaks apart. Often times, their hairs are full with dandruff. […]